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If you are like millions of Americans, Canadians, and others living in cold, freezing countries looking for a warm place to spend your Christmas Holidays, then Belize is the place to be.

It is located just 1 short flight south of the USA on mainland Central America. It is blessed with all-around warm weather that is sure to keep you warm and happy, and its cold weather rarely goes below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. That's regular weather for much of North America!

And if you ask anyone, the warm, sunny, clear blue skies that overlook the lush tropical trees are as picture-perfect as you can get for the Christmas Holidays!

picture perfect view of the Caribbean Sea from See Belize Vacation Rentals in the Belize District

relaxing view at See Belize Vacation Rentals 5 miles from Belize's International Airport

To top it off, Belizeans indulge in keeping their Christmas holiday tradition alive by enjoying delicious black and white rum fruit cake with smooth, rich Belizean rum popo, a drink similar to egg nog but with a splash of Belizean rum and spices to keep you festive!

Most Belizeans can't get enough of their Black Rum Fruit Cake for Christmas!

Traditional Belizean White Rum Fruit Cake is a must-have for Christmas in Belize!

The traditional Christmas drink in Belize is the delicious, rich, smooth-tasting Rum Popo.

So with the perfect Belizean weather, and the most delicious cakes and drinks, what are you waiting for? Let Belize be your Christmas Holiday Getaway! You will wish you had done so years ago! So book your flight and your vacation rental, today!

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