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5 Reasons Why Every Parent Needs a Kid-Free Getaway to Unwind and Reconnect

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

If you are like me, with 2 adorable kids, a business to manage, parent-teacher meeting to attend, and no vacation for years, then read on! You are a prime candidate to start planning your much-needed weekend or 5-day getaway!

And before you say you have no one to take care of your children, or that the thought of leaving your kids, who depend on you frightens you or that leaving your business or your job even for a weekend is impossible, then read on!

As a single parent, I know the difficulties of leaving my comfy place of abode. However, I very well know that I need to get rejuvenated and reignited with my purpose and my inner self. After all, if you are like me, who spent years studying to live a decent and happy life, to have a good job or to own my own business so as to have enough money to enjoy life, see the world, and experience God's creations, you know that you owe it to yourself to fulfil that goal or that life's mission!

After all, many of us did not plan on having kids, much less have more than one. I know I didn't. I intended to have 1 child... but now with 2 children, who while I love them dearly, I NEVER intended to give up my peace and happiness. However, that is just what has happened in the process.

And while the past few years have not been the best, to a great extent prior to the Covid lockdowns, the economy was doing fairly well. Yet like many of you, I did not get a chance to go on a much-needed vacation. Now mind you, I did have a school reunion trip that I was to go on the year Covid hit, as well as a 2-week business trip I was scheduled to go on, but never got to go on due to the lockdowns. And yes, I was planning on taking my 2 kids on a 2-week vacation as the summer holidays began. But since those did not materialize, I have been left vacation-less and still trudging along yearning for the break to take that much-needed vacation my body so desires to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate my inner self!

And while your kids will want to accompany you, here are 5 reasons why you need to go on that much-needed kid-free vacation:

1. You are physically drained.

Yes, I said it, you are drained! Whether you notice it or not, your body ages faster when you do not take time to rejuvenate and take care of your body, and if you have not been getting enough sleep or taking time out for yourself, then you may have been suffering from unnecessary aches and pains and experiencing high blood pressure and other ailments that are prematurely ageing your body and leaving you run down, lethargic, and frustrated with your kids, spouse, family, neighbours, co-workers, the woman or man in the car in front of you, etc. This leads to the 2nd reason why you need to plan your much-needed kid-free vacation:

2. Your emotional well-being is barely holding on to a thread.

Yes, you know you are one minute away from telling your boss a thing or 2 you have been wanting to tell him or her for over the past year or so. Or you are one step away from telling your children that you will send them to an orphanage, a boarding school or a boot camp because you are tired of hearing their whiney little voices, picking up after them, and dealing with their dirty, disorganised room that you are totally sick of seeing! And to make matters worse, you were on lockdown with them for over 2 years!! Holy smoke!! You are one resilient cookie!!

3. You have not been your best self.

Oh boy, have you deteriorated from that once vibrant person you once were! In place of that fresh face, full of hope dreamer or go-getter now lies a tired, worn out, frustrated, sometimes depressed parent, who sees no way out! And while you have tried to eat healthily, your food choices have had to take a nose dive, as your kids eat out all the healthy, delicious items you bought to indulge yourself in. Did I tell you about all the delicious yoghurts and exotic fruit juices I thought I had stashed away in the fridge or the rich, dark chocolate I stashed away in the cupboard to indulge in later, only to find them disappeared the next day...?

Oh yes, it is reasons like these that have taken a toll on you and made you become frustrated, angry, and sometimes short with innocent, unexpecting people, who really did not deserve your ire or tirade but happened to be around you when you needed someone to unleash your frustration on. And if those reasons are not bad enough, let's just say Father Time doesn't shy away from reminding us that:

4. We are getting older and our clock is ticking to see the world.

Yes, you are no longer 25. You are off the calendar! And while you still can rep that 2 piece string bikini, at the pace you are going, you might very soon try to avoid wearing them due to your sedentary, sleepless, depressing lifestyle that has seen you neglecting your health, physique, and well-being.

While it is sometimes thought that only women worry about their weight or physique, men are also mindful of the weight gain they see creeping up on them! Yes, men are not exempt one bit with all those beers that they gulp down that curb their once flat stomachs. So yeah, don't put it off. Do yourself, your kids, your spouse, co-workers, employees, neighbours, etc, a favour, and start planning your vacation, because very soon:

5. Some of those sites you want to visit might soon not be there.

Okay, we all know that development is a must and with it, ecological degradation is inevitable even with the most stringent environmental impact assessments and planning for adaptation adhered to. So if there is a natural wonder, endangered species or historical site you were planning on seeing, you better start planning your visit to that particular destination before they become extinct or get destroyed.

And lest you think I am painting a gloomy picture or shocking you into planning that much-needed vacation, just look at all the statues that were recently desecrated or removed from major cities in the USA and around the world due to riots, racially motivated outrage, war, etc. Also look at the different reserves and sanctuaries that have since been destroyed due to illegal deforestation, illegal squatting, encroachment, and other unmonitored development. So look at where you have always wanted to go and experience and get to planning.

In Belize, for example, we have beautiful rainforests rich with hundreds of flora and fauna, the only jaguar reserve in the Western Hemisphere, the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere and second longest in the world, intriguing Maya temples, the beautiful and mysterious Blue Hole, and a rich diverse and multi-ethnic culture that has grown to symbolize a melting pot of a Caribbean heritage draped in a colourful colonial past that has evolved into a tolerant, peaceful nation amidst Central American neighbours. But if we are to take for granted that these will always be there, we would be considered foolish, because even if our government establishes monitoring authorities and mechanisms to ensure that they are, reckless or unscrupulous individuals might still find a way of destroying them!

Needless to say, while there has been a tumultuous spate of racial and culturally ignited incidences in countries like the USA, Belizeans are still living in a peaceful, multicultural society that continues to forge a rich and peaceful identity post-independence.

Truth is, Belizeans are to a great extent carefree, ethnically tolerant, lovers of great food, drinks, sports, and entertainment. So while we do not have the highest per capita income, Belizeans are resilient and creative enough to make a dollar out of 15 cents. Those are some of the reasons why Belizeans are so friendly to tourists and visitors and have been voted one of the most friendly people in the world!

So, if you are looking to relax and unwind while enjoying the company of friendly, carefree, and welcoming people, then Belize is a country you should consider visiting. At key gateways of the USA, it is less than 2 hours away by flight and is the only English-speaking country in Central America. And if you're looking for a relaxing getaway overlooking the breathtaking Caribbean Sea, then visit to book your stay!

Ms. Zenaida Moya is a former 2-term Mayor of Belize City and head of the department in the government service. She has travelled to over 40 countries for business and pleasure and has gotten the opportunity to experience many unique and exceptional cultures. She owns See Belize Vacation Rentals, which offers beautiful sea views and waterside vacation rentals in Belize. Zenaida welcomes guests from all over the world along with her son, Kelvin, and the amazing See Belize Team. She has spent most of her life living in her beloved homeland, Belize; while serving her country with her 2 kids, Kelvin and Natalya.

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