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This is a photo of Ms Zenaida Moya, former two-term and only woman Mayor of Belize City.
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Ms. Zenaida Moya, MBA 
Owner and Manager


As a former two-term Mayor of Belize City, it is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to my beautiful country, Belize, and to invite you to book your stay with us! 


After completing my 2 terms as Mayor of Belize City in February 2012, I was immediately recruited to conduct consultancies in the Caribbean, Canada, and the Middle East. After completing those consultancies in 2013, I delved into real estate and registered See Belize Tours and Events Planning to conduct tours and events planning. During that time, I worked with key tour operators and coordinated and hosted several local and international events, including the International Black Summit, Queen of the Bay State Balls, Pageants, Miss Scuba Belize, UNDEF/UNDP/WIN-Belize National Leadership Trainings, workshops, etc.


Since I had already been doing real estate since 2012, in March 2016, I decided to utilise some of my real estate knowledge and assets to expand further into the tourism industry by offering vacation rentals and land and water tours around the country. This led to my team and I working tirelessly to implement all the stringent hotel licensing requirements. After meeting all compliance requirements, I was granted a license to operate on December 7, 2016. In early January 2017, my See Belize Team and I hosted our first international guests, who gave us our first 5-star review.


Since 2017, my See Belize Team and I have hosted hundreds of guests, worldwide, and have built many warm and lasting friendships. My quest for excellence and the highest customer service has led to continuous upgrades of our suites, studios, services, and facilities.

Some of the major upgrades done were the construction from October 2019 to February 2020 of our See Belize 40'x16' Infinity Pool with depths of 6' and 4' with Overwater and Poolside Decks, picnic tables and chairs, and renovation and addition of studios to better cater to our singles and couples clientele. We also added a Drinks Cooler for guests to purchase beers, stout, sodas, bottled water, etc.


On Sunday, June 6, 2021, my See Belize Team hosted and catered the first event from our new See Belize Kitchen facing our See Belize Pool! This kitchen was constructed primarily to offer breakfasts and lunches to our international guests.

In 2023, due to the onslaught of Hurricane Lisa, which made landfall in Belize on 2nd November 2022, we were forced to carry out unexpected self-financed renovations to rooms, common areas, solar panels, and mounts that were damaged by Hurricane Lisa, since our unscrupulous insurance company at the time, RF&G Insurance, refused to honour any payments towards the damages.


In January 2024, we constructed the decorative Poolside Pergola Terrace that functions as a picnic and hangout area, as well as carried out some renovations to the Bay Studio and Poolside Room.


It is a pleasure, therefore, to welcome and invite you to See Belize Vacation Rentals! Please Like, follow, share, and subscribe to our Facebook page and our YouTube Channel!

Satellite Office

As someone who did both degrees in the USA, a BBA in Economics at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, and an MBA in Economics at the University of Detroit Mercy in Detroit, Michigan, and who has travelled numerous times to Canada and over 40 countries, it is a pleasure to serve hundreds of Americans, Canadians, and people from all over the world for over 7 years. Our See Belize Team looks forward to hosting you!

14520 Linnhurst Street

Detroit, Michigan 48205


See Belize Vacation Rentals under See Belize Tours and Events Planning Tourism Gold Standard Certification
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