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Located next to the CARIBBEAN SEA, 400 feet from the BELIZE RIVER, facing the new HAULOVER BRIDGE ROUNDABOUT, about 300 yards from the HAULOVER BRIDGE, 5 miles from the PHILIP GOLDSON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and DOWNTOWN BELIZE CITY, See Belize began offering tourism and real estate services in 2013, vacation rentals in December 2016, and our 40'x16' infinity pool with overwater and poolside decks in February 2020.


1. 40'x16' Infinity Pool, 6' & 4' deep ends

2. Sea View Overwater Deck

3. Poolside Pergola Terrace

4. Picnic Tables and Chairs

5. Outdoor Shower by the Pool

6. Balcony Units: Waterside, SeaBreeze, Tranquil

7. Ground Floor: Sunrise, Relaxing, Bay, Poolside 

8. Complimentary WiFi and Cable

9. Complimentary Purified Water

10. Free Parking

                                                                      OTHER SERVICES​​         

*Cold Drinks on Sale     *Pre-ordered Breakfast     *Tours      *Corporate, Group & Long Stays      *Construction Management

Free Things To Do Onsite

1. Unwind and enjoy breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.

2. Relax and watch sea birds, fishes, iguanas, and occasional stingrays, turtles, crocodiles and manatees from the Overwater Deck. 

3. Fish off the Overwater Deck.

4. Have a meal on our Overwater Deck.

5. Order drinks from our mini-bar and chill on the Deck or under our Pergola.

6. Dive or swim in our 40' x 16' 6' and 4' deep infinity pool. 

7. Ask for one of our swimming kickboards or pool noodles to exercise or teach a loved one how to swim.

8. Enjoy swim races with your loved ones.

9. Enjoy stargazing at night.

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